Feb 23, 2024

Trump Changes Stance on Bitcoin, Says He Can Embrace It

Former US President Trump no longer anti-Bitcoin, says can ‘live with it’ - Alt_Text: WAX Crypto - Alt_Text: Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency - Alt_Text: Chinese AI Anchor - Alt_Text: Web 3.0 Crypto Tokens List - Alt_Text: When did Web 3.0 start?
Former US President Trump no longer anti-Bitcoin, says can ‘live with it’

Trump’s Changing Views on Bitcoin: From Anti-Crypto to Embracing Web 3.0

Former United States President Donald Trump has had a change of heart when it comes to Bitcoin. In the past, he has made negative statements and even called it a scam while in office. However, in a recent interview on Fox News, Trump acknowledged the growing demand for BTC and stated that he can now live with it.

When asked about the rise of Chinese digital currency and the potential of using a decentralized network like Bitcoin to counter it, Trump admitted that the U.S. dollar is still his top choice. However, he also recognized the increasing popularity and adoption of Bitcoin:

This shift in Trump’s stance on Bitcoin is a stark contrast to his previous views as president. At the time, he publicly denounced BTC, labeled it a scam, and reportedly directed the treasury secretary to “go after Bitcoin.”

As Trump campaigns for the 2024 U.S. presidential election, some speculate that his change in attitude towards Bitcoin could be politically motivated to gain favor with the crypto community. Others believe he simply cannot ignore the growing influence of the crypto industry. And some argue that he is simply doing what he does best – not fully committing one way or the other.

Crypto enthusiasts believe that Trump deliberately included a pro-BTC statement followed by a pro-U.S. dollar statement to gauge public opinion. This tactic has been likened to a fishing technique, where the goal is to determine which direction is most popular among voters. Over the years, many politicians have leveraged cryptocurrency in their campaigns to appeal to the younger, tech-savvy generation of voters.

Currently, Trump is leading the race for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, with fellow Republican Nikki Haley trailing behind him. It is worth noting that Trump’s stance on crypto aligns with the growing trend of web 3.0, which includes popular cryptocurrencies like WLUNA, WAX, XCN, and ZIL. This new era of the internet, also known as the “Chinese AI Anchor” or “Fox AI,” has opened up possibilities for web 3.0 cryptocurrencies and their tokens to thrive. It is believed that web 3.0 started gaining momentum in the early 2000s, and its impact has only continued to grow since then.

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