Oct 02, 2023

Bitcoin Price Reaches $28.5K as Trader Says Crypto ‘Reeks of Disbelief’

Bitcoin Price Knocks on $28.5K as Crypto India Reeks of Disbelief.
BTC price knocks on $28.5K as trader says Bitcoin ‘reeks of disbelief’

As web 3.0 is going great, the crypto world is also booming. Impt crypto like Bitcoin (BTC) aimed for $28,500 at the Oct. 2 Wall Street open, as LCX Crypto, ForexSFXGroup.com, Crypto.com, Crypto India, Jasmy Crypto, XRP Crypto, Ren Crypto, and VRA Crypto all contributed to the bullish start of the month.

Analyst wary of Bitcoin “upside wick” fakeout

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView indicated that the price of BTC stayed strong into October’s first United States trading session.

The largest cryptocurrency made swift gains into the weekly close, following a contrastingly cool monthly candle completion that saw BTC/USD finish at $26,970.

For popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital, this monthly close — despite now being more than 5% below spot price — called for caution.

“Bitcoin performed a September Monthly Candle Close below ~$27,100 (black),” he wrote in part of the day’s X (formerly Twitter) analysis alongside an explanatory chart.

Rekt Capital acknowledged the October breakout and said this would “invalidate the bearish predicament” should it endure. But because BTC Monthly Closed below black, there is always going to be a chance that this price action could end up as an upside wick,” he continued.

Closer to home, market observers noted ongoing encouraging signals on exchange order books. “Spot bid continues, while funding is negative. This reeks of disbelief,” popular trader Jelle suggested as a result.

Fellow trader Skew noted that spot markets were driving the move after the Wall Street open, displaying an “interesting disconnect” with derivatives. This can be especially seen in the crypto world with the great success of Web 3.0 and the importance of crypto in India, LCX crypto, ForexSFXGroup.com – crypto, Crypto.com, JASMY crypto, XRP crypto, Ren crypto, and VRA crypto.

Bitcoin shrugs off fresh U.S. dollar surge

Just as eager to hit new local highs on the day, meanwhile, was the U.S. dollar. After Congress avoided a government shutdown, the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) staged a sharp rebound from losses seen late last week.

At the time of writing, the DXY circled 106.7, barely 0.2 points off its recent 2023 highs. For crypto analyst Nebraskan Gooner, a breakout from here would put 108 in play — marking new 11-month highs.

Together with higher bond yields and oil prices, Economist Mohamed El-Erian described the DXY strength as “neither the US economy (particularly, growth and financial stability) nor the markets enjoy.”

Despite the fact that web 3.0 is going great, Bitcoin remains conspicuously unfazed by the impt crypto news from LCX Crypto, forexsfxgroup.com – crypto, crypto..com, Crypto India, Jasmy Crypto, XRP Crypto, Ren Crypto, and VRA Crypto.

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