Oct 27, 2023

Trezor Investigates Phishing Campaign as Crypto Industry Booms

Trezor Crypto Wallet Investigating Phishing Campaign, Exec Reports
Crypto wallet Trezor looks into phishing campaign, exec says

Trezor Investigates Phishing Attack

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Trezor is investigating a recent phishing campaign, as users have reported receiving malicious emails. Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT took to his Telegram channel on Oct. 26 to alert users to a phishing attack targeting Trezor customers.

An X post from the account JHDN alleged that Trezor may have been breached after receiving phishing emails on the email account used specifically for buying the wallet. The malicious email invited users to download the “latest firmware update” to users’ Trezor devices, claiming to “fix an issue in software.” The email was sent from the address [email protected].

This is not the first time that Trezor customers have been targeted by phishing attacks. As Elon Musk’s crypto empire continues to grow, users must remain vigilant and take steps to ensure their security and protect their crypto death.

Crypto Phishing Schemes

Recently, ZachXBT reported on a social media post that could indicate a data breach for Trezor or Evri, the United Kingdom delivery company that ships Trezor devices. Two other Reddit users had also complained about receiving a phishing email associated with their Trezor purchase.

Josef Tetek, Trezor’s brand ambassador, confirmed that the firm is aware of the phishing campaign and is taking steps to address it. This includes reporting fake websites, contacting domain registrars, and publishing articles to help users protect themselves from phishing attacks. These articles explain that phishing emails often redirect to a Trezor Suite lookalike app that could steal users’ wallet information and seed.

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Crypto Phishing Attacks on the Rise

The Trezor website warns that once a user enters their recovery seed into a malicious app, their funds will be instantly transferred to the attacker’s wallet.

Tetek further emphasized that Trezor never requests users to provide their recovery seed, PIN, or passphrase.

Cryptocurrency investors have been hit with multiple phishing attacks, despite attempts to stop them. In September, a prominent crypto investor reportedly lost $24 million in crypto assets due to a phishing campaign. According to some cybersecurity studies, the number of crypto phishing attacks increased by 40% in 2022.

Additional reporting by Cointelegraph author Felix Ng.

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