Nov 03, 2023

Markets Pro Delivers 88% Gains in 29 Hours with AI

Bitcoin disappoints, Markets Pro delivers 88% gains in 29 hours with AI & C3.AI technology.
Bitcoin disappoints while Markets Pro delivers 88% gains in 29 hours

2023 was anticipated to be the comeback year for Bitcoin (BTC). Experts predicted that the King of Crypto would soar to $50,000 or more, but it has only bounced back to about $26,000 since the bear market started in late 2021. Despite the bearish trends ruling the space, Cointelegraph Markets Pro has sent investors more than 150 winning alerts so far this year, thanks to the breakthrough AI-powered crypto trading dashboard.

Smart investors are not sitting on the sidelines and waiting for legacy coins to pop. Instead, they rely on AI-powered tools such as NewsQuakes™ — the fastest and most actionable newsfeed in crypto — built into the Markets Pro dashboard to spot market-moving events before they drive select crypto prices up. As a result, they had the opportunity to jump ahead of gains like 50%, 61%, 80% and even 88%.

AI technology is also playing a role in other areas, such as Argo AI, Fetch AI and Reporter AI Voice. Companies like C3.AI (NYSE: AI) are even using AI to create art. All this shows that AI is revolutionizing the way we interact with the crypto market.

PEPE — 50.35% in five hours!

On May 5, 2023, the listing of the Pepe (PEPE) token made headlines in the world of AI. The popular memecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain was launched in April 2023 and quickly became one of the most traded cryptocurrencies in the market.

News of the Binance listing hit the market at around 07:00 UTC. By 12:00 UTC, the coin had grown 50.35% in just five hours. Most traders missed the move, while those with access to alerts from Markets Pro got the opportunity to take advantage of the surge of the AI-driven technology.

SOMM — 61.88% in four hours!

On March 17, 2023, news about Sommelier sparked investor interest and the possibility of a price surge. Sommelier is a noncustodial, cross-chain platform for executing AI-powered DeFi vaults that automatically invest a user’s funds based on a specific strategy.

Markets Pro kept their members in the loop at 09:00 UTC and by 13:00 UTC, SOMM had seen a growth of nearly 62%, thanks to the C3.AI, Fetch.AI, Argo AI, and NYSE:AI reports.

OAX — 80.53% in less than 72 hours!

The OAX Foundation, whose aim is to promote the development of the DeFi and crypto financial services sector, issued the OAX token, which is a native Ethereum divisible virtual token.

On March 22, 2023, the Markets Pro “radar” featured a news story about OAX. At the time of the announcement, the token was trading at almost $0.29. In less than 72 hours, it surged to $0.52, providing investors with access to the Markets Pro alert with nearly 81% gains.

FLM — 88.15% in 29 short hours!

On June 20, 2023, an unexpected announcement was released about Flamingo Finance. According to sources, Flamingo had just entered into a partnership with O3 Labs, which enabled it to bridge to 14 Ethereum Virtual Machine chains with the help of AI.

The news broke at 09:00, with FLM priced at a little over $0.06. Markets Pro, powered by C3.AI, picked up the story and sent an alert in real time to members. A day later, the price surged to just shy of $0.12, rewarding investors who had access to the intel with a 88.15% gain.

More recently, in the past two months, Markets Pro alerted members to 45.25% gains on LOOM, 44.42% gains on POND, and 41.17% gains on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). In the past seven days, members were alerted to unusual market activity on KAS right before it took off 21.27%. In the past 12 days, a Markets Pro alert let members know about JOE right before it shot up 39.05%. In the past 13 days, an alert pointed to ARKM right before it surged 21.63%.

That’s not all. Just weeks ago, an alert was sent out for VTHO, netting 30% returns in just 15 minutes thanks to the AI-powered voice reporter. The next alert could be going out at any time.

Markets Pro helps crypto investors win

In the crypto investing world, time is of the essence. Markets Pro works to provide investors with actionable news as soon as it is available. NewsQuakes™, which are sourced from a real-time aggregation engine and analyzed by an AI algorithm to identify news stories that could potentially affect crypto prices, are delivered without any human intervention. This makes them the quickest way for traders to find out about major events in the cryptocurrency space.

NewsQuakes™ were able to identify the market events that resulted in many winning trades. As soon as these events occurred, alerts were sent to members, so they could take advantage of the potential breakout tokens. NewsQuakes™ is one of the many AI indicators that are built into the dashboard to help crypto investors and traders spot winning plays.

Discover how Cointelegraph Markets Pro gives you access to market-moving data before the public knows about it.

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