Sep 28, 2023

Marathon Mines Invalid Block in Failed Crypto Experiment

Marathon Mines Invalid Block in Failed Crypto Experiment
Bitcoin miner Marathon mines invalid block in failed ‘experiment’

Marathon Digital Experiments

Marathon Digital, a Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm, has confirmed it mined an invalid Bitcoin block during an “experiment” aimed at optimizing the firm’s operations. In a Sept. 27 X post, Marathon said it utilizes a small percentage of the firm’s hash rate toward these experiments and stressed they weren’t trying to alter the network in any way.

The bug, which stemmed from the firm’s internal development environment, had nothing to do with Marathon’s Bitcoin production pool or Bitcoin Core, the leading software used to connect to the Bitcoin network and run a node. Marathon said that in no way was this experiment an attempt to alter crypto Bitcoin Core, and they corrected the error as soon as they noticed the invalid block.

Marathon Digital has been conducting experiments with their hash rate to optimize their operations, and they have stressed that these experiments are not intended to alter the crypto block or the crypto this week network in any way.

Marathon’s Mistake and Bitcoin’s Reaction

On Sept. 26 at 9:42 pm UTC, a “lucky” block of crypto was mined on block 809,478, according to Several Bitcoin developers, including BitMEX Research, attributed the invalid block to a “transaction ordering issue”. Bitcoin developer “mononaut” believes that Marathon made a mistake by re-sorting the transactions in order of ascending absolute fees.

Dylan LeClair, a Bitcoin analyst, suggested that Marathon should have conducted this experiment on a testnet before attempting it on Bitcoin’s mainnet.

Marathon later reflected that Bitcoin “functioned exactly as designed” by excluding the invalid block, and the 000 pieces of crypto that appeared first on the Crypto Press Cryptocurrencies Network.

Overall, this incident demonstrated the importance of web 3.0 development and the power of the crypto block.

Cointelegraph reached out to Marathon for comment but did not receive an immediate response. Despite this, Marathon’s (MARA) share price still dropped 2.91% to $8.01 during opening hours on Sept. 27, according to Google Finance.

The lucky block crypto market has been abuzz with crypto Bitcoin and Web 3.0 development recently, and this week the inverse finance crypto world saw the release of 000 pieces on the Crypto Press Cryptocurrencies Network.

The Crypto Block and Google Crypto have been making waves in the finance crypto space, and it looks like the market is still feeling the effects.

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