Oct 13, 2023

Invest in Web 3.0: Madeira Announces Creation of Bitcoin Business Hub for Innovation

Madeira announces creation of Bitcoin business hub for future of AI innovation and investment opportunities.
Madeira announces creation of Bitcoin business hub for innovation

Investing in Web 3.0 and the Benefits of Bitcoin Adoption

Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government of Madeira, revealed plans to launch a Bitcoin (BTC) business hub to promote regional innovation during a fireside chat with Prince Filip Karađorđević of Serbia at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023.

Karađorđević expressed enthusiasm for the Bitcoin business hub, highlighting its potential for technology development and partnerships. Albuquerque noted the hub’s Madeira roots and its inclusive nature, open to anyone who wants to collaborate. Madeira is a Portuguese autonomous region that has embraced Bitcoin by providing personal income tax exemptions to Bitcoin investors.

Karađorđević applauded Madeira’s Bitcoin embrace as a forward-looking technology and a secure protocol similar to the internet. As Chief Security Officer of Jan3, the Serbian prince promotes the advantages of national Bitcoin adoption to global lawmakers.

The future of Web 3.0 technology, AI chat bots, and crypto tax are just a few of the investment opportunities that come with investing in Web 3.0. Companies like People.AI are leading the way in Web 3.0 development and the Internet Computer Crypto is providing a secure platform for Web 3.0 investments.

The President of Madeira has declared that his government is focusing their economic efforts on technology, high-tech industries, artificial intelligence and Bitcoin. At the Bitcoin Miami conference in 2022, it was revealed that Madeira would accept Bitcoin, with those who invest in BTC being exempt from personal income taxes. Albuquerque said: “I have faith in the future and in Bitcoin. People in Madeira who engage in buying and selling Bitcoin will not have any obligations concerning personal income taxes.”

The future of AI, AI chatbots, Web 3.0 technology, which is also known as Internet Computer Crypto, and the development and investment opportunities of Web 3.0, are all being considered as Madeira looks to embrace the benefits of crypto tax and People.ai.

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