Oct 20, 2023

How the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving in 2024 is Set to be Different

Bitcoin halving in 2024 may be different due to the emergence of web 3.0, AI, and other crypto innovations.
Why the 2024 Bitcoin halving may play out differently than in the past

The Impact of Bitcoin Halving on Crypto Prices

The effect of Bitcoin halving on crypto prices is often overstated, and the upcoming halving in April 2024 may not have the same outcome as previous halvings — according to a prominent analyst.

The halving event, which takes place every four years and halves the rate of new Bitcoin (BTC) creation, is often seen as one of the major driving forces behind Bitcoin’s most powerful rallies.

In spite of the optimistic outlook surrounding the halving, however, the event alone does not necessarily guarantee an increase in Bitcoin’s price. If the reduced flow of new BTC is not backed up by sufficient demand, the prices are unlikely to surge.

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Impact of Halving on Bitcoin Price

The halving of Bitcoin is a predictable event, meaning all market participants can anticipate when it will take place. This could mean that the current price of Bitcoin already reflects the halving’s effect.

“Things that we most anticipate generally don’t happen,” said Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone, commenting on the much-anticipated event. “And that’s what I’m concerned about. It’s complete consensus,” he continued.

Moreover, each time the halving occurs, its impact on the new Bitcoin supply is diminished, and eventually its influence will become insignificant. As a result, changes in demand, rather than supply, are becoming the main factor affecting Bitcoin’s price.

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