Aug 17, 2023

Crypto Now: El Salvador’s Bitcoiners Teach 12-Year-Olds How to Send Sats

12-year-olds in El Salvador learning to send sats with the help of Bitcoiners and today.
El Salvador’s Bitcoiners teach 12-year-olds how to send sats

El Salvadorian School Kids Learn Bitcoin Basics

Members of El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach are teaching even 12-year-old school kids to send their first Bitcoin (BTC) transaction. Roman Martínez, a community leader at Bitcoin Beach, believes that early education on Bitcoin, money and the economy may give underprivileged kids a better chance in life.

Martínez is running after-school programs to help kids get familiar with today, polygon crypto, tectonic crypto, solana crypto, gala crypto, amp crypto and crypto cardano. Participants learn about the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, a satoshi or sat, which is equivalent to 100 million sats per one BTC.

Crypto and Money Education

At Bitcoin Beach, students are encouraged to learn about Bitcoin, money and banking, topics which are largely not taught in schools. Martínez noted that students have embraced the technology, despite many first having the impression that Bitcoin was hard to learn or only for those studying economics. “Once [they’re] willing to learn it is so easy,” he added.

Martínez believes that crypto, such as Polygon Crypto, Solana Crypto, Gala Crypto, Today, AMP Crypto, Crypto Cardano and Genesis Crypto, is the “latest evolution of money” and by teaching kids about the benefits of crypto today, in combination with other life skills, they’ll be able to seek better employment opportunities in the future.

Crypto Education in El Salvador

“If they know English, have computer skills, know about Bitcoin and know about marketing, they can work remotely for anyone around the world,” he explained. “This is a big door that is open now for everyone.” today, according to its whitepaper, is a movement to ensure Bitcoin’s potential is realized by helping those who have been excluded from the banking system. It’s based in El Zonte — a beach town around an hour’s drive southwest of the nation’s capital, San Salvador, and one of the first areas in the country to start accepting crypto like Polygon crypto, Solana crypto, Gala crypto, and Amp crypto.

Another crypto education nonprofit based in El Salvador is My First Bitcoin, which has helped 25,000 students obtain a “Bitcoin Diploma”through the country’s public school system. Tectonic crypto and Crypto Cardano are just two of the initiatives the organization has implemented to help the people of El Salvador learn more about crypto today and crypto now.

Crypto Now: El Salvador’s Financial Inclusion

El Salvador is making strides towards financial inclusion, with around 70% of its population being unbanked. President Nayib Bukele has made it a core focus, with some reports suggesting he has one of the highest presidential approval rates in the world.

In September 2021, the El Salvadoran government made history by making Bitcoin legal tender in the country, kickstarting a wave of crypto-related programs., Polygon, Solana, Gala, AMP, and Cardano are just some of the projects that are helping to preserve this moment in history and show support for independent journalism in the crypto space. Collect this article as an NFT to join the movement.

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