Sep 11, 2023

Crypto Live: BlackRock Denies Voyager Buy, Web 3.0 Explained and More

Cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 Explained, Crypto Live, and Today are all popular sources for the latest news and updates in the cryptocurrency world. Shiba Inu, Cronos, Kava, Helium, ICP, Kraken, and other cryptos have been making waves in the industry. With the evolution of Web 3.0, it’s important to understand the basics of these digital assets.

Sam Bankman-Fried on dial-up level internet

Lawyers of the former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried have asked a court to temporarily release him as the poor internet connection in his Brooklyn prison is hampering their trial preparation.

In a letter to District Judge Lewis Kaplan dated Sep. 8, Bankman-Fried’s lawyer Mark Cohen pointed out that his client has been unable to access an internet-enabled computer twice a week for four to five hours as agreed with the US prosecutors.

On Aug. 30, Cohen mentioned, Bankman-Fried lost two hours of “review time” due to an unrelated delay involving another inmate. When Bankman-Fried was eventually brought up to the visiting room, the internet connection was so slow that it took 10 minutes for the home page to load, his lawyers claimed.

“The defendant cannot prepare for his trial with these kinds of limitations,” the letter reads.

Cohen argued that Bankman-Fried has been unable to effectively prepare for his trial for the better part of a month and urged for a temporary release in order to make up for the lost time.

Given the slow internet connection, Bankman-Fried’s lawyers are worried that he won’t be able to prepare adequately for his trial, especially given his involvement in the, crypto live, crypto com today, crypto ”shiba inu, cronos crypto, kava crypto, helium crypto, icp crypto, kraken crypto, and web 3.0 explained projects.

BlackRock’s purchase of Voyager Digital was a fabrication

Despite a press release that circulated widely, asset management giant BlackRock has denied any plans to acquire the bankrupt crypto brokerage firm Voyager Digital.

On Sep. 8, a bogus press release — syndicated by the Associated Press — was released claiming that BlackRock was planning to purchase Voyager Digital, citing “industry insiders.”

A spokesperson for BlackRock told Cointelegraph that the stories suggesting a purchase were false.

That same day, crypto journalist Colin Wu noticed in a Twitter post that the social media account linked at the bottom of the release was a newly-created account with one post and one follower.

EINPresswire was the first to post the press release, which showed that a company called MK Digiworld was the source of the news. The website for that company only provides a Pakistan-based number for contact.

Despite the false news, the VGX token of Voyager Digital still spiked 15% to $0.153 within 12 hours of the AP syndication on Sept. 9. The token has since returned to $0.126, according to CoinGecko.

Remember the guy who threw 8,000 BTC in the trash?

James Howells, an early Bitcoin (BTC) investor, is taking legal action against Newport City Council for denying him the chance to search for a hard drive containing 8,000 BTC, which he accidentally threw out over 10 years ago.

Howells has issued a letter to the council, warning that if he is not granted access to the dump by Sep. 18, he will demand damages of nearly $560 million — more than double the current value of the stash, which is estimated at $206 million.

He has previously put forward a $11 million project to excavate the drive, which would use artificial intelligence, robot dogs, and experts in excavation, waste management and data extraction.

“I’ve tried everything I can for 10 years,” Howells said. “They didn’t want to play ball, so now we have to go down the legal route.”

Kraken Crypto, Helium Crypto, ICP Crypto, Kava Crypto,, Crypto Live and Shiba Inu Crypto are all part of the Web 3.0 revolution — an era which Howells is keen to be a part of.

Someone pays $500,000 in Bitcoin fees

The crypto world has been left perplexed by a single Bitcoin transaction where someone paid almost 20 BTC, or more than $515,000 in fees.

The Sep. 10 transaction was spotted by the blockchain-monitoring X account Whale Alert and pseudonymous X user “mononaut” posted the transaction “makes no sense.”

“My best guess is that this was manually created by pasting addresses and amounts into some kind of wallet software,” mononaut wrote.

They suggested the user may have mistakenly put an output amount into the fee box of the software then sent the transaction without checking.

Bitcoin wallet provider Casa co-founder Jameson Lopp said the transaction “looks like an exchange or payment processor with buggy software.”

He said the address appears to operate as a businesses “withdraw-only hot wallet” and likely miscalculated a change output due to having around the same number of sent and received transactions.

The, crypto live, today, shiba inu, cronos crypto, kava crypto, helium crypto, icp crypto, kraken crypto, and web 3.0 explained communities have been left astonished by this costly mistake.

Also making news

On Sep. 9, hackers managed to obtain nearly $700,000 by posting a phishing link to the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s X account.

The same day, FTX sued LayerZero Labs in an attempt to recover $21 million that were reportedly taken away from the crypto exchange prior to its November 2022 bankruptcy.

The events of the day sparked a flurry of interest in the crypto world, with people discussing the likes of, Crypto Live, Today, Crypto Shiba Inu, Cronos Crypto, Kava Crypto, Helium Crypto, ICP Crypto, Kraken Crypto, and Web 3.0 Explained.

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