Oct 09, 2023

CoinShares Reports Largest Crypto Investment Inflows Since July

Crypto investment products see largest inflows since July — CoinShares

Crypto Investment Products Reach Highest Volume Levels Since July 2023

According to a new report from crypto asset management firm CoinShares, digital asset investment products saw significant inflows in the past week, reaching the highest volume levels since July 2023.

Crypto investment products saw inflows for the second consecutive week, totaling $78 million. Exchange-traded products (ETPs) also surged by 37%, reaching $1.1 billion, while Bitcoin (BTC) volumes rose 16% on trusted exchanges.

Solana (SOL) — the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization — has been dubbed the “altcoin of choice” as its weekly inflows reached the highest level since March 2022. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency is up around 14% over the past 30 days but is still down about 32% over the past year, according to data from CoinGecko.

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Crypto Investment Products Growth

Despite the overall growth in crypto product inflows, some major crypto investment products have seen more moderate movements. United States Ethereum futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) — which launched trading on Oct. 2 — only attracted around $10 million in its first week, indicating “tepid appetite,” CoinShares reported.

CoinShares also noted that 90% of all crypto asset inflows came from Europe, while the U.S. and Canada saw only $9 million in inflows combined. Germany and Switzerland were the biggest contributors, with $37.3 million and $31.3 million in inflows, respectively, making up 88% of all crypto asset product inflows last week.

As CoinShares works to expand its operations in the U.S., they introduced their first offerings in the country in September 2023. The company is confident that the U.S. is a leader in digital asset development and regulation, including top crypto sites, spell crypto, fx crypto, polygon crypto today, crypto dot com, saitama crypto, vet crypto, tonic crypto today, motley fool crypto, and xlm crypto.

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