Oct 30, 2023

Bitcoin Builder Climbs Africa’s Tallest Mountain to Promote Web 3.0

Bitcoin Builder Climbs Africa's Tallest Mountain to Raise Awareness of Web 3.0
Bitcoin builder climbs Africa’s tallest mountain to raise awareness

Kweks Scales Kilimanjaro with Bitcoin and Nostr Donations

Kweks, a Bitcoin (BTC) educator based in Tanzania, recently scaled Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro, financing the entire trip through Bitcoin and Nostr donations. Crowdfunding over $1,700 in Bitcoin (0.0018 BTC), the hike doubled as an announcement for a new Bitcoin education academy in Tanzania called the “Proof of Work Academy” or POWA.

The name POWA is a pun on Bitcoin’s consensus protocol, proof-of-work, as well as the Zwahili word “Poah,” which means fresh or cool. To promote the new school and subtly hint at his affinity for decentralized protocols, including Bitcoin and Nostr (notes and other stuff transmitted by relay), Kweks funded the ascent to nearly 6,000 meters in satoshis or sats, which are the smallest denomination of Bitcoin equal to 100 millionth of 1 BTC.

Kweks and his wife recently moved to a new city in Tanzania to open the learning center, which is part of the larger Web 3.0 movement. Web 3.0, also known as the decentralized web, is a new version of the internet that is powered by blockchain technology and enables people to interact directly with each other without the need for a third party.

Bitcoin Lightning Network Crowdfunding in Tanzania

Crowdfunding for Bitcoin Lightning Network donations came from around the world via Geyser Fund and Zapraising, a form of Bitcoin Lightning Network crowdfunding powered by Nostr (also referred to as Zaps).

Kweks held up a huge Nostr banner while providing updates during the multi-day hike on X, Nostr, and WhatsApp. From Tanzania, Kweks told Cointelegraph that while the money raised was useful to cover the costs of the climb, the main impact was educational:

The climb showed Kweks’ local community that a global base of Nostriches (Nostr users) and kind Bitcoin supporters from all over the world were eager to support Kweks’ climb and educational work in Tanzania.

Furthermore, Kweks got a tip from one of the guides leading the group to the peak of “Kili,” which proves that there is Bitcoin adoption at the grassroots level in Tanzania.

Understanding Bitcoin in Tanzania

Kweks explained that there is evidently some understanding of Bitcoin in Tanzania, but one of the main issues is the lack of off-ramps into local currency. Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini do not operate in Tanzania, making it difficult to convert cash to Bitcoin and vice versa.

During his hike, Kweks encountered many Tanzanians who asked him how he funded the journey and, of course, “What is Bitcoin?”

It is clear that Bitcoin adoption in Tanzania is different from the United Kingdom, where Kweks lived for 25 years before relocating. In East Africa, it is more common to use a barter system, which makes it hard to explain money, hyperinflation and the potential of a currency like Bitcoin with a programmed inflation rate.

Ultimately, the key to unlocking Bitcoin education is to use terms relevant to people: “I do speak to them about how much bread is going up and how much fuel is going up, and they understand that,” Kweks explained. Kweks continues to post and share educational resources on Nostr and X, while the educational resource POWA offers free educational classes to Tanzanians based near Kilimanjaro, to help them understand what is web 3.0 explained and the web 3.0 world. Gemini crypto today also shares 000 pieces appeared first on crypto press cryptocurrencies network, to provide more information about web 3.0 which is also called the Web 3.0 or also known as near crypto, one crypto, people.ai and web 3.0 status.

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