Feb 13, 2024

The AlgosOne Team Tackles Your Toughest Questions

In the AlgosOne.ai website we already have an FAQ, which discusses a range of useful topics ranging from deposits and withdrawals to security, and risk management. However, in this blog post, our mission is to address some of the feedback our support team has received, from real users who are engaging with the platform on…

In the AlgosOne.ai website we already have an FAQ, which discusses a range of useful topics ranging from deposits and withdrawals to security, and risk management. However, in this blog post, our mission is to address some of the feedback our support team has received, from real users who are engaging with the platform on a daily basis.

So, let’s get to it. Here are our responses to your hardest hitting questions:

Why Are My Funds Locked for 12 to 24 Months?

When you open an account with AlgosOne, once the 14-day trial period is over, your funds are automatically locked for up to 24 months. The main reason for this is so that we can put your capital to work for you effectively. It would be impossible for our machine-learning algorithm to consistently and safely execute trades through your account if the core balance keeps changing. 

In the early days, before we settled on offering 12-24-month trading contracts we tested offering  open contracts too, but there was a significantly lower profit margin for these accounts and optimal revenues are achieved when the account is locked for at least a year  

You should also keep in mind that  AlgosOne offers early termination of the plan, where you can make a withdrawal prior to the two-year mark, but you will be forfeiting profits and could incur a 30% early termination penalty.

Why Do I Get Such a Limited Number of Auto-approved Trades?

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. We are working on this right now and soon, you will see a material  increase in the number of auto-approved trades offered at all trading tiers

In the meantime, you can always increase the number of auto-approved trades executed through your account each day, by upgrading to a higher trading tier. The higher your tier, the larger the total number of daily trades executed on your behalf, and the higher the ratio of auto-approved to 1-click trades. This translates to a higher return on investment and better compound interest. A higher tier also means you pay lower commission fees on successful trades and earn higher compensation on losing trades.

Why Are Commissions on Winning Trades So High?

Up to now, the commission fee has been 25%. We are now pleased to update you that the commission fee has just  been reduced to 20%. 

Please note, this fee is only charged on trades that resulted in a profit, so it doesn’t eat into your core capital. Also it is the only fee that AlgosOne charges on trading, as there are no subscription, deposit, or transaction fees

The money earned from commissions is put back into the platform. It is used to pay for round the clock support, technical and risk management teams as well as covering compensation on losing trades, and maintaining the balance in the AlgosOne Reserve Fund, which provides coverage for client accounts.  

Why Are Approvals for 1-Click Trades Required Outside of Trading Hours?

Up until now, 1-click trade notifications were sent to users over a 12-hour period. This extended time frame allowed us to exploit market opportunities on your behalf for a longer period, enabling us to seize a broader array of emerging market opportunities on 24-hour markets. 

However, we’re always listening, and in response to your feedback, we’ve now optimized the signal window to eight hours for all trading tiers.

Please note that for now, you can use the Signals Scheduler to select any 8-hour period within the calendar day, in which to approve the trades. 

Why Is My Win Rate Below 80%

Our win ratio has hit a record high of 80% but this is not yet a consistent success rate. 

AlgosOne hasn’t been around long. We launched in H2 last year and since then we have already seen a significant rise in the average trade success rate, as the deep learning algorithm improves with each new user, dataset and trade.  

We are constantly working on AI optimizations, honing the algorithm to perform with increasing accuracy. However, it’s worth noting that even when we are not hitting our peak revenue potential, your trading account should still always be profitable. 

What Will Happen to My Profits If I Miss Approving  My 1-Click Trades?

Inevitably, you will miss a trade approval here and there. You may even miss several on some occasions. However, this will not materially affect your profit margins since the calculations of anticipated annual profit percentages at each trading tier factor this in. Also,  profit projections are based on an entire year of daily trading and not just a few days or weeks. 

Why Do Bank Transfers  Take So Long?

Making a bank transfer with AlgosOne can take a few days, because it involves initial processing of the request by AlgosOne, followed by bank processing which depends on the specific bank, as processing times can vary widely. Only then, can your account be credited. Keep in mind that extra time might be needed if an intermediary bank is involved and if the transfer falls on a weekend or holiday this could cause an additional delay. 

To ensure your transfer is as fast as possible, you can double check the accuracy of the data  before you send the transfer.

Why Aren’t Withdrawals Immediate and What Are the Costs?

Funds can be withdrawn at any time, although if you choose to withdraw your initial deposit before your trading contract expires, there is a 30% penalty. 

Trading profits are automatically sent to your checking account and once your contract ends, the original investment is also automatically added to your checking account balance. The withdrawal fee at AlgosOne, on checking account funds is just $10 or 0.75% of the withdrawal sum, whichever is higher. 

While not instant, processing times are relatively fast. They are usually executed on the same business day, although there may be delays on weekends

Why Can’t My Bonus Raise My Trading Tier?

At AlgosOne, bonuses will be credited directly to your trading account and added to your balance in the account currency. While a bonus does not contribute to your tier score, the funds can be used for trading,  raising the amount in your balance, and boosting your profits.  

We hope we’ve answered your questions. But, if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We mean it when we say that we really appreciate your feedback. It’s a great way for us to solve real issues and find out what needs improving. It’s also a fantastic way for us to learn more about our community and what you want in an AI- based trading platform.

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