Your profit is based on your trading tier, which depends on your deposit amount. Higher tiers offer more daily trades and larger positions, as well as lower fees, and higher compensation. Profits can be withdrawn at any time, although the original investment sum is only accessible after the contract expires.


Via the dashboard you can view a detailed trading history that includes the date and time of the trade, the amount earned or lost, as well as commissions, and compensation.

At the higher tiers, compensation is offered for failed trades, drawn from the AlgosOne reserve fund. A percentage of the sum invested in the trade is returned to your balance. The higher the trading tier, the higher the compensation percentage.

Example: AlgosOne opens a $1,000, trade, which is unsuccessful, resulting in a loss of $100. If your compensation rate is 100%, the system will compensate you for the full amount of the loss. If your compensation rate is 50% then $50 will be credited to your account.
AlgosOne charges no transaction fees but there is a commission of up to 25% on every profitable trade. This percentage will be lower at the higher trading tiers.

For example, if AlgosOne opens a position for $1,000, which generates a $200 pro fit, your balance is credited with $150, while $50, (25% of the $200 profit) is charged in commission.

50% of the funds earned from commissions are used to run the company, paying for the smooth operation of the platform, risk management and technological support, while the other 50% goes to a reserve fund.

The reserve fund offers:
  • client balance coverage in the case of a hack, an unforeseen market event, company failure, or any other potential risk to client accounts.
  • partial, or full compensation for losing trades
  • monthly dividends to AlgosOne shareholders

The current reserve amount is always viewable in the dashboard
AlgosOne offers compounding to all users, at every trading tier, who transfer funds to a trading balance.


Earn the maximum from your capital with an AlgosOne investment plan. Capital is initially invested for 24 months. Any additional investments made within that calendar year are added to the same 24-month plan. However, investments made in the following calendar year start a new 24-month plan. All investment plan deposits are converted into USD, except, if you make a direct deposit in BTC or ETH. Then, the investment plan can be locked in the deposit cryptocurrency.