The crypto markets, with their high volatility and revenue potential, offer a great way to diversify, with all kinds of digital assets, from established names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, to stablecoins, like USDT, meme coins like Dogecoin and more.



Benefit from expert trading on the rising and falling value of major brands, across all types of verticals, from META and Microsoft to Tesla and Twitter, including tech giants, energy corporations, retailers, and car manufactures just to name a few.



Our machine-learning algorithmic trading bot will broaden your portfolio, with the addition of government bonds, such as the US 30-year bond and the German 10-year bond, which are considered to be relatively stable and reliable financial assets.



Algosone will expand your trading portfolio with a range of commodities, including agricultural products like coffee and sugar, energy commodities such as crude oil and gas, meat products like pork belly and beef, as well as metals like gold and copper.



Your capital will be put to work trading the equity markets, generating a profit from an array of indices from all over the world, such as the British FTSE, the Japanese NIKKEI, the German DAX, the US Dow Jones, and the French CAC among others.



Algosone’s AI-based system also trades on the global foreign exchange markets, known for their high liquidity and volatility. Your funds will be used to generate revenues from fluctuations in the prices of a wide selection of major and minor currency pairs.